Service to My Community

Patricio has dedicated his life to serving his community. This understanding came from his faith, culture and values learned from his parents Jose and Delia. His dedication has revealed his ability to bring awareness and create positive change. His love for the South Valley comes from raising his children in the Adobe Acres Neighborhood where he and his wife Denise grew up. Patricio attended Adobe Acres Elementary, Harrison and graduated for Rio Grande. He attended UNM and followed his dream to become a police officer. He retired after 20 years only to become president of the Adobe Acres Neighborhood Association, a position he has held for the last four years. He is currently the APSPD Police officer at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School keeping safe and reducing the school to jail pipeline. Patricio believes he is now ready to serve the South Valley as the New Mexico State Representative for District 12.


I had many educational opportunities while growing up in the South Valley. I attended our local APS schools and learned the importance of friendship, fairness and helping others. I learned to swim in our Acequias and ran along our farmlands when training for positions on the Rio Grande football, track and cross country teams. I worked in local groceries and recognized the importance of working hard for my wages and understood the importance of our unions.  I attended UNM and decided to peruse a career in Law enforcement.

I graduated from the Albuquerque Police Department, 62nd Cadet Class and quickly realized I made the right career choice. After three years as a patrol officer, became a detective and worked in various units like Organized Crime, Narcotics, Criminal Intelligence Unit, Robbery/Homicide, School Resource Officer, Gang Unit and Highway Interdiction with a k-9 named doobie. These various units were very challenging and required a change in thinking in order to get results and better serve the community. I was seriously injured while making an arrest and received a Purple Heart. This life threatening injury was a reality that I had not experienced before. I learned to forgive the individual involved and realized people make mistakes. Many more dangerous situations may have occurred if I didn't use a respectful approach to resolve situations. All my brothers and sisters in law enforcement still hold a special place in my life and always will.

My Community

I retired from APD and began service to my south valley neighborhood as President of Adobe Acres Neighborhood Association (AANA) This followed after the passing of my mother Delia who was a past president and leader in this community. My mom taught me that doing for others is more important than doing for yourself. I kept neighbors informed through monthly newsletters monthly meetings and neighborhood sponsored events. I made myself available to my neighbors which unified our community. AANA addressed several concerns like, drug dealing, burglaries, vandalism and gang related issues. This unification provided the opportunity to identify the problem, provide resources to educate our neighbors and resolve each issue strategically by partnering with elected officials, county managers and sheriff deputies. Our community effort reduced crime rates and created a safe environment for our families.

I am currently employed with the Albuquerque Public Schools Police as a School Resource Officer at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School. I wanted to change the way police traditionally responded to students who were involved in making bad choices. I partnered with a service provider and non profit organizations to implement an alternative to arrest program. The goal was to reduce the school to jail pipeline, reduce drop out rates and create a safe campus. This new thinking has reduced crime on campus and created a safe environment conducive to learning. I will continue to support this on campus effort and bring this opportunity to all schools.

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  • As a life long South Valley resident, Our dedication to faith, family, friends and historic farming culture, makes our community a special place to live. I will work to keep these values in the forefront and provide opportunities to support quality of life issues for our neighbors. Patricio R. RuilobaDemocrat - District 12
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